Good Trip Strawberry Shortcake Chocolate



Good Trip Strawberry Shortcake

Good Trip Strawberry Shortcake Chocolate Psilocybin Infused Belgian Chocolate 4g. The good trip milk chocolate mushroom bars infused with 4 grams of belgian chocolate. They are made from infusing the good trip strain into chocolate bars. Good trip chocolate are a new brand of psilocybin mushroom which has grown in popularity in recent years. They are one of the most sort after mushroom edibles in the market at the moment. The team took time to come with the perfect blend of cannabis and infused chocolate to truely create an exquisite milk bars.

They quite a few different flavors from good trip milk bars. The different flavors all have a different taste and some might hit harder than others. Feel free to make your selection based on which flavors you like best. The are one of the best and highly potent psilocybin chocolate bars you can find around at the moment. Each micro dose bar has 15 square pieces which is very powerful and has been known for its great impact medically with a great and sweetening taste.

Effects Of Good Trip Chocolate Bars

When it comes to micro dosing, good trip chocolate bars is one of the best psilocybin available with a lot of recommendation from medical experts. For beginners its always advisable to take 2-3 square piece since its very rich nutrient and also takes about 45 minutes – 1 hour before any effect on the body, couple of these effects include,

  • Helps in stimulating brain cell growth
  • Boost focus and concentration levels
  • Aids in cases of depression
  • Euphoria
  • It helps in relieving stress and fatigue
  • Helps tp relieve pain in cancer patients

The Good Trip Strawberry Shortcake Chocolate will blow your mind at first bite due to its rich, decadent and amazing taste. This are just a few of the effects of consuming this milk bars. Like other mushroom chocolate bars, we do not recommend consuming this bars if you plan to perform any activities that require mental work. The generally last for about 2-3 hours after consumption depending on your tolerance level and quantity consumed. Usually when someone consumes psilocybin mushroom, they experience hallucination,euphoria and depersonalization. Some may have an unpleasant experience,or even worst if you consume a large quantity on your very first try. The general effects of consuming good trip mushroom chocolate depends on the potency and amount that is ingest(consumed). This effects can generally last for about 6 hours, some users may feel effects similar to those of the hallucinogenic drug LSD. Many users believe that consuming psychedelic mushroom chocolate will provide them with a high level of peace,clarity or help them see the world in a new light.

Where To Buy Good Trip Chocolate Bars

Buy good trip milk chocolate at our online dispensary for a premium experience. If you’re looking for a dispensary online to shop and experience premium quality in the taste of your shroom chocolate and other infused mushroom chocolates, we are here for you. Buy Good trip milk bars online today at for a heartfelt and enticing experience. Here at we ensure that our clients get the best experience in micro dosing by providing them with a DOSING GUIDE you can find on our site for new comers and those trying a complete whole new experience in the psychedelic world. We also ensure that our prices for all mushroom chocolate products are affordable to everyone intending to embark on micro dosing and a life time trip experience. We also offer discounts on all orders in bulk for all our shroom chocolate products. In other to know you are buying an authentic mushroom chocolate bar like good trip chocolate and know it is not fake, you have to check the scanning code on the bottum or back of your chocolate bar. Incase you don’t find a code to scan on your bar simply know its fake and stay cautious.

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