OneupBars Chocolate Bars

Oneup Bar Chocolate Bars multivers chocolate bars are new psychedelic chocolate bar that is taking the US by storm. It got its name from the super mario bros games. This One up mushroom bar combine the best of chocolates with the powerful psychedelic trips of magic mushrooms. In the Super Mario Games this oneup mushrooms are used to power up players on consumption. They can be said to have similar effect in real life as consumers have said to burst of energy and and happiness after consuming these Oneup Bar Chocolate Bars

One up Mushroom Bar For Sale

One up mushroom chocolate bar is a psychedelic magic mushroom created by one up brand. A lot of dispensaries especially in the U.S claiming to sell authentic psychedelic chocolate bars from the official one up mushrooms website. Psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars one up are one of the new and popular psychedelic chocolate bars available in the market now. Other popular brands include punch bars, wonder bars and wonderland bars.

Buy one up mushroom bars at the official website. You can be sure of the quality of our chocolate bars. We sell both to retailers and individuals. We can also provide free 1up merch for purchases over 500USD and massive discounts to our whole sale clients.

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